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Let's Build Together!


What does our name "Sozo Church" mean?

Sozo is the Greek word for saved or salvation. It carries the ideas of healing, wholeness, and freedom as well as being rescued from our past and sin. Sozo is what the Father desires for every person to experience; spirit, soul, and body, when they encounter Jesus in a real and personal way. It is literally the life giving power of God’s Spirit being released into the deepest parts of our lives to transform us and bring us into the very purpose we were created for. The most important purpose being, to know His awesome love for us and enjoy relationship with Him forever.



Who We Are:

We are team of people who have a heart and desire to see the people of Hillsdale experience the fullness of the love and goodness of the awesome amazing God we know and love. We are working together to birth a new group of believers, and family of worshippers who have the same heart and desire to reach Hillsdale like we do.Our team is led by Pastor Edward and Teresa Spreeman. They have thirty years of experience in ministry and this will be the second church they have planted. They have been married for 25 years and have raised two children who serve together with them in ministry. They bring a variety of life experience with them to share including; Solid marriage and family understanding, business experience, biblically based counseling, as well as a great understanding of the present truths of the Word.The team initially will be providing all the basic needs of the community. Every member of the team has a heart to love, serve, and honor you as well as build meaningful relationships that will last a lifetime.We are excited to come into your community. We are excited about working together with you and so many other believers who have already been serving in the churches all over the county. Together our desire is to see the kingdom grow in size and impact.So when we meet you, feel free to talk to someone, share contact info, and join in the awesome privilege we have of releasing the kingdom of heaven in Hillsdale.

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