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Here's What to Expect

What Do Our Gatherings Look Like?

First and formost- An exciting encounter with the presence of God in a real and personal way.

-10:00 grab a cup of coffee and greet one another.

-10:15 we will start with a call to worship at which time our worship band will use modern worship music to lead us into the presence of God.

-10:45 we will take a moment to release our children to their time of ministry and we will take some time for the teaching of the Word.

-11:30 we will make room for you to respond to the Word and receive prayer for any areas in your life you would like to experience God’s love and goodness in.

-12:00 we will say goodbye to one another till next time we meet.

Nursery and childrens ministry will be provided.

We value family and personal security. Our workers all have background checks and we will take every precaution to keep your loved ones safe.

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